Rosa Marín Ribas, Independent scientific and medical Illustrator


Who I am

My name is Rosa Marín Ribas.

I count with more than fifteen years of experience in designing for big and small companies.

I'm skilled in several crafts, including programming. But I'm specially confident at:

My academic qualification

Where I am

I live in Barcelona, Spain, in a pretty, small house in the mountains.


Magazines, books, videos where my work has been publicated

Hans De Wolf, Griet De Wolf, De gewervelde dieren: Wonderlijke feiten en ware verzinsels (Wonderlijke feiten & ware verzinsels). Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2019.

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Fisiología Animal, volumen 2 Material Gráfico complementario.
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Desarrollo embrionario del SNC en humanos
OMADO (Objectes i materials docents) Mediateca - Docència

Evolución desde placa neural a médula espinal
OMADO (Objectes i materials docents) Mediateca - Docència

Diferenciación desde tubo neural a ventrículos
OMADO (Objectes i materials docents) Mediateca - Docència